A transformational community that values

Deep connection with Christ and others

Who we are

We are a transformational community that exists to disciple Christian leaders for global missional service.


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Our mission & vision


East Mountain Community

Our Methods

We create community spaces where leaders grow - spiritually, biblically, and practically.

We partner with churches, schools and Christian organizations to disciple leaders and to build the Kingdom


East Mountain creates spaces in which Christian leaders can grow in character, competence, and connection with God, in community and partnership with fellow believers.


We have inspiring stories from staff, residents and partners

"East Mountain has been very supportive of training4changeS through the years. Some of our staff have attended Summit and Residency, which was instrumental in shaping them as young leaders. Over the years we have had numerous residents serving with training4changes, and they have made a profound impact on the young people we work with. Residents have helped us on the soccer field, in the classroom, and with facilitating Bible discovery sessions for our kids. It is a privilege for us to have residents serving with us, and we appreciate that East Mountain does a thorough job of preparing them before they come to serve.... It is safe to say that training4changeS wouldn’t be where we are today without the support we’ve received from the East Mountain community."

Daniel Thomae
Partner Director

"I have always appreciated EM’s focus of first serving the school [Calling Academy]…. What the residency does is pull people from different backgrounds together, and that diversity in the residency itself really serves the school well, as they can relate to the underprivileged background of the students. But they have stepped up in life and applied some drive and innovation and joined residency. EM has added a lot of help to the vision of Calling Academy. They have helped turn the theory of Calling Academy by giving life and expression to the vision. "

Werner cloete

"The life on life discipleship focus at EM really inspired me to think about what it means to have a residency in Mitchells Plain.... It has been a joy and really formational for me in terms of thinking and praying through my own ministry. The mentorship, discipleship, and spiritual formation offered by Mark to Grace2Learn was really impactful as an organization for our leaders being mentored and discipled in some way."

Brad Sitzer
Partner and Board Member

Our Internships

The 10 month residency and 5 week Summit internships invite participants to experience deep cross-cultural community, to study theology and formation, and to partner with local NGOs and churches to gain practical ministry experience.

What is the 10 month residency?

Residency is a ten month transformational experience of shared life, study, spiritual formation, and service in the East Mountain Community.

Using a biblically sound, culturally sensitive, and relationally driven approach, EM Residency aims to disciple whole-hearted servant leaders who embody the gospel wherever they go. We focus on theology (head), identity (heart), and mission (hands) in a transformational, cross-cultural Christian community.

What is Summit?

Summit is a 5 week exploratory internship for young adults.
It aims to facilitate the growth of young people in their faith as they live and learn with other believers from across the globe.

Components include Bible classes, spiritual formation sessions, one-on-one mentorship, and ministry exploration.

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Our blog on all things East Mountain South Africa


Nov '21

Youth Outreach

The Youth Outreach ministry is a new partnership this year for East Mountain. It is an organization that serves children that come from unstable homes or environments. There are currently about twenty children staying there from ages 5 – 18. Some of them have parents back at home who are addicted to substances, while others were sent there by their parents to avoid the gang infestations in their communities. There are also children that come just during the day as day visitors in order to receive some food and tutoring help.

Lindsay Harvey


Oct '21

Butterfly Ministry

If you drive down the R310 towards the N2 towards Cape Town on almost any given day, you will see a small cluster of women sitting on the side of the road in a bush area. With two to seven or eight of them gathered on most days, they come to this area to work as prostitutes on the side of the road.

Lindsay Harvey


Sep '21

Women's Month Ministry Focus

In honor of women’s month in August, we would like to put the spotlight on three ministries that East Mountain partners with that focus entirely on women and the unique challenges and joys that they face.

Lindsay Harvey