Core values

Biblically Grounded, Christ Centred, God Glorified

Our purpose is to bring glory to God in who we are and what we do. To this end, we seek to make Christ the centre of our ministry, striving to know Him and make Him known. The Bible, which tells the story of Jesus from Genesis to Revelation, is the foundation for our life and practice as a community together.

Community Focused

We are Followers of Jesus, striving to live in authentic relationships as we journey together toward a common vision, invest in a common mission, and live by a common rule of life. We choose to be relationally driven in a ministry that places people above projects, and conversations above speculations.

Holistic Approach

Our training experience strives to engage the whole person - head, heart, and hands - and includes development in spiritual life and formation, biblical theology, and practical life and leadership skills.


We value a community that is ethnically diverse, believing every person matters and every culture has value and something to teach. We strive to provide opportunities for non-Western leaders to influence Western leaders, and Western leaders to influence non-Western leaders.

Partnership Driven

We accomplish our mission through authentic relationships with leaders and organizations that are already engaged in excellent Kingdom work. We seek to work collaboratively in curating and providing expertise in the areas of ministry.

Less is More

We value one-on-one attention and deep relationships over training the masses: think big, start small, go deep.

Committed to Life-Long Learning

We believe true leaders are men and women who whole-heartedly engage in the process of personal growth and development - head, heart and hands. They embrace their need for growth and restoration by committing themselves to a life of ongoing learning in theology, identity, and mission.

Communication is Key

We recognize leadership is about influencing others, and we strive to effectively influence others through excellent personal and public communication.

Rule of Life

The EM Rule of Life is descriptive of the way we live and work together for the glory of God.

Abide in Christ

We are a people who seek to ​Abide in Christ​. The starting point for our life together is life in Christ. The strength to live in community and carry out our God given assignments comes from our union and communion with Christ.

Love our Neighbor​

We are a people who seek to ​ Love our Neighbor​. As we abide in Christ, we receive the life and power to love one another, enjoying the benefits of being the family of God and demonstrating the values of the Kingdom before a lost and dying world.

Live in Community

We are a people who choose to  Live in Community​. Life in Christ is life with his people. We believe that our ministry and mission must flow out of who we are as a gathered Kingdom people.

Partner for the Kingdom

We are a people who seek to ​ Partner for the Kingdom​. Our Community is one part of a greater Kingdom. We desire to forge deep friendships with other leaders and communities that result in greater unity and impact for the glory of God.

​Disciple Leaders

We are a people who seek to Disciple Leaders​. Our calling is to be a sacred space for those entrusted with leadership gifts and responsibilities.


Hide yourself in God, so when a man wants to find you he will have to go there first.

Thomas Evelyn


Daniel Mavick


John Stonner


Martin Lopez