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We seek to come alongside churches and ministries through our two major programs: The Residency and the Trek, but there are many ways to get involved.

What is the residency?

East Mountain Residency is a 3-month program aimed at leadership development, mentorship, spiritual formation and direction. 

It engages the whole person (head, heart and hands), and includes training in theology, identity and mission, all while living in a diverse missional community in the East Mountain house. 

Our target participant is a self-motivated believer aged 18-28 with experience and interest in ministry, committed faith, and a desire to deepen their life with God and develop leadership skills to advance His kingdom. 

Email Residency@EastmountainSA.org for information or with any questions or to request an application. 

What is Trek?

The Trek is a 1-2 year relational investment into your church and its leaders. East Mountain Staff will come alongside of your church with the aid of a 21 week discipleship curriculum called the Journey to offer a process of: 

Formative discipleship for leaders that helps to shape both the individual and the community

Equipping facilitators in the church who can continue to lead others through a discipleship process 

Equipping mentors within the churchGuided conversations that will help the church to grow in its vision and understanding of God, their identity and their role in God’s kingdom work

Believers within your church deepening their relationships with one another, experiencing God’s transforming presence, and taking steps towards God’s purpose for His church

Email Info@Eastmountainsa.org for information about how to start “The Trek” with your church or organisation.

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